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Process Gap? We Can Help!

You have your new Shiny System.

So how do you get your products from Here to the conveyer?

Unfortunately, systems integrators will provide an elaborate and elegant system … to a point. Now it’s up to the DC to fill the gaps in the process. In this scenario, before the product gets to the conveyor for parts unknown, it has to be placed in a box and protected, sealed shut and labeled. What is the most efficient method?

N-III worked with the customer to develop a bolt-on system that provides a sliding table, providing a work platform, able to move from bin to bin. Box holders placed above provide easy and quick access to the proper size box, and shelving every 4 bins, at the gap, support air pillow and labeling equipment. Efficiency was greatly improved. And, by reducing “trunk twisting motion”, ergonomic enhancements were realized.

Sliding Tables, Box holders, Equipment Shelving

Greatly Improve Efficiency


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