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N-III Engages Rollon to Improve Warehouse Packaging Module

Learn what Rollon Linear Evolution has to say about the N-III enhancements to their warehouse packaging module:

"Support Structure, Made With Rollon Linear Bearings, Improves Efficiency Of Warehouse Packaging Module.

Automation is changing how traditional distribution centers operate. But when it comes to automated technology, you might think about the robots, automated guide vehicles and pick-and-place systems. Just as important are the smaller, simpler structures that must be engineered to interface with the high-tech systems—and their designs present their own set of challenges.

Demonstrating this point, systems integrator N-III, Inc. devised a simple, yet large-scale solution to improve the efficiency of an existing warehouse packaging staging module. Though limited by challenging design constraints, the company created a supporting structure that mounts underneath the existing module and integrates an arrangement of plywood, aluminum extrusions and Rollon linear bearings."

Read the complete article written by Rollon: Support Structure Improves Efficiency

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