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Pipe Cover

In certain city building codes, fire sprinkler piping must be installed under conveyor systems in elevated positions. Typically this applies to conveyor system over a certain width. This particular application was only 2 inches over the limit and so required a fire sprinkler protection with low hanging sprinkler pipe right at head height for taller employees. N-III was asked to locate safety yellow foam pipe coverage to wrap around the low hanging piping. The problem was that the typical “foam noodle” only has an inside diameter of 1 inch. This piping was 2 inch, and a 1 inch minimum wall thickness now made the search for the material much more difficult as this was a non-standard requirement. N-III searched coast to coast and found a sufficient quantity from a company in the Mid-west. N-III also found safety yellow Zip Ties to match the foam.

N-III is in the business of supporting our customers, with large or small projects.

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