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Pallet Rolling Tracks

Pallet rolling track is a system that creates greater efficiency from the forklift operation and sorting station. Traditionally, the forklift operator brings a full pallet to the sorting station queue area. Then, a pallet jack is used to bring the pallet to the workstation where the product is off loaded from the pallet and processed. The empty pallet is then moved to another location for stacking and removal at another time.

With the Pallet Rolling Track system, the forklift operator can place the full pallet directly onto the roller track adjacent to the workers area, where the pallet is then sequentially rolled to the team, totally eliminating the pallet jack. This change resulted in an unexpected increase in efficiency that warranted an additional team member, which further increased the output of the team.

Initial estimates of Return on Investment were determined to be over a year. However, actual ROI was realized at much less than one year of operation, exceeding management expectations.

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