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The Team at N-III Inc. are committed to creating solutions to unresolved problems in the Distribution Center and Warehouse industry.  When typical catalogue or line card products do not meet your needs, we are your solution!  We meet with you to analyze your current system to identify the gap in production that off the shelf products do not resolve.  Then we develop custom design solutions for you to consider and provide feedback. 

There is No Charge to you for the design service! 

We only make money if you implement the

design and build of our design solution.


How do I contact you?

Our consultation and design service is Always Free, so give us a call at (951) 356-0123 or use our Contact Form

What are the costs to use your consultation and design services

N-III is serving the DC market by solving nagging and persistent problems with Free Consultation and Design Concepts. Only if you accept the proposal does N-III see revenues through it’s sale of the designed product. In this way, there is No Downside for you to exploring concepts!

Where are you located?

Our business is located in Tennessee, however we come to meet with you at your facility so we can see your production challenges and start to create a concept to provide you a Custom Designed Solution.

Do you have any examples of solutions you have created?

Yes we have examples of past projects the team at N-III have completed at the request of, and based on the requirements of the customer. And remember, at N-III there is No Charge to you for the consultation & design service! We only make money if you implement the design and build of your custom design solution. Click Here to see Examples of Solutions

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