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Learn what Rollon Linear Evolution has to say about the N-III enhancements to their warehouse packaging module:

"Support Structure, Made With Rollon Linear Bearings, Improves Efficiency Of Warehouse Packaging Module.

Automation is changing how traditional distribution centers operate. But when it comes to automated technology, you might think about the robots, automated guide vehicles and pick-and-p...

N-III designed a system to bolt on to the existing customers system without the need to drill any holes, creating a work product located under the sorting area.

Pallet rolling track is a system that creates greater efficiency from the forklift operation and sorting station.

Existing Diverter System has shortened belt life, due to stretching, each time the diverter blade rises.

New replacement concept eliminates belt stretching, greatly extending belt life.

Elevated 180-degree conveyor turn dropped boxes out between the rails,

resulting in injuries to personnel or damaged product.

Polycarbonate shield installed, wrapped around bend, contains all packages

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These are examples of past projects the team at N-III have completed at the request of, and based on the requirements of the customer.  At N-III there is No Charge to you for the consultation & design service!    We only make money if you implement the design and build of your custom design solution.

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